July 8th, 2014

Looking for Inspiration: The San Diego Zoo

Today was the starting point of our 10 month journey toward creating our project. Thanks to the San Diego Zoo, who was kind enough to sponsor and give us tickets to the park, we were able to enter and observe the Zoo. The main objective of going to the zoo was to try and identify problems we could fix. To help guide us, we were aided by a guide who toured us around the zoo and introduced us to professionals who pointed out problems they faced. After visiting the electric fence section of the tour we found out that they had durability issues with their fences. Collectively, as a group, we were captivated by the problem and became interested on finding a way to improve it. The reason why it intrigued us was because the workers told us a story about  a rhino escaping, and we realized that this a situation that we can prevent in the future.

Once finished with lunch, the zoo provided their conference room to let us consult our ideas as a group. We first started playing games to help us get our brains working to brain storm. From there we divided into groups of two and wrote down a couple ideas that we felt needed to be improved.After we finished writing, we went around and shared our ideas with the group. Next this lead us into a deep conversation and talked about numerous problems that needed fixing. A hot topic that we frequently came to was the electric fence situation. When we went through all the topics as a group. The electric fence was the most popular, so we then quickly changed our conversation and put it into focus. After discussing the topic we made a final decision and choose the electric fence problem. We were all interested and eager to work on the project. Next we talked about what our next meeting was going to be about, and decided it would be focused on finding ways to improving the current version of the electric fence.

Written by Adrian Maya, Technician for High Tech High’s 2015 InvenTeam



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